At The Love Store we say share, and share alike—and have a ton of fun doing it in the process! You probably have heard of “Home Parties” or boring old “Toy Parties” before. Well, The Love Store has a new spin on an old thing. Our Love Parties will forever be etched in your mind as one of the most educational, yet fun and personally awakening events of your life–and who better to share it with that your best friends, or you and your partner’s closest couples!

Our Love Parties are not the cheesy, awkward moments you’ve seen mocked on TV and in movies or an uncomfortable buffet of plastic strewn all over the table that you eat at. We are here to awaken your inner passion and inspire you to try something new in your relationship(s) — or those moments with yourself that, after one of our Love Parties, will be a whole lot spicier.

We know these events can make even the most confidant of girls a little shy so we are here to create a fun and flirtatious atmosphere for all of your guests, where no one feels uncomfortable or out of place. Our competent and professional Love Professors have all the right moves and know-how to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and entertained—and expect a lot of laughs along the way! You can have total confidence in your party—from the planning phase all the way through your last laugh of the night. You won’t want to wait to plan your next one!

Are you or someone in your circle getting married? Having a Birthday? Did one of you just have a breakup and want to celebrate being single and ready to mingle? Or do you just want to have a Girl’s Night free from lame pick-up lines and even lamer bathroom lines? That’s right! We have Love Parties for all occasions! The more, the merrier! (We do recommend you try to get as close to 10+ guests, if you can).

All parties are hosted in our private Love Party Den inside The Love Store flagship store, located at 2100 South Rainbow, Las Vegas, NV 89146. There, one of our Love Professors will take you on an exploration of hundreds of our most intimate products, tips and FAQs that will blow your mind—we say it’s the kind of party where half way through you’ll be saying “Man, I can’t wait to get home,” but, for once, it’s meant in a good way! ……a really good way

*And on that note, as an added bonus for planning the party, the hostess of the party will receive a 50% discount on the item of her choosing—that’s right, any item in the store at half off! But we don’t stop there because Love is what we do at The Love Store, so each guest of yours will have a parting gift as well, prepackaged by one of our Love Professors!

So, how do you get started on this incredible adventure?

Give us a call, and let’s talk options! Tell us your idea(s) and we will formulate a party that you will absolutely love! We will provide non-alcoholic refreshments for you, but you are welcome to bring any refreshments that you would like.

Don’t have transportation or want something a little more fun and special than a plain old taxi for you or your group? Maybe you’re visiting the area, or maybe you currently live here and just want to all meet somewhere central and drive together? Well, at The Love Store, we’ve got your solution for that too! For our Love Parties, we can arrange transportation from all major strip casinos, resorts and hotels by simply using one of our partner transportation companies! Arrive in style and party awhile … we’ll get you back safely too! When we say we will take care of everything, start to finish, we really mean it!

We require a $100.00 deposit to secure your party date—and your tenured professor of Love!

Cancellations must be one week in advance of your date in order for you to receive a full refund.

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